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Children's clothing, shoes and toys section

Children's clothing.

Assortment: Toys, suits, sets of clothes, trousers, shorts, breeches, jackets, jumpers, sweaters, vests, cardigans, outer clothes, sportswear, hats, hosiery products, dresses, sundresses, tunics, skirts, clothes for newborns, clothing accessories (gloves, mittens, ties, belts, headscarves).

Our partners are: “Kalinka”, “Bell Bimbo plus”, “Conte-trade”, “Slavyanka”, “Svitanak”, “Polesye”, “Brest Stocking Mill”, “Nadzeya”, “Lona”, “Komintern”, “Formelle”, “Bel credo”, “Elod”.

Toys: board games, musical toys, toys for toddlers, dolls, educational toys, balls, balloons, stuffed animals.

Partners: “Veseliy ostrov”, “ABVGD”, “BelKukla”, “Bel-master”.

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