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Megatop was founded on October 25, 2007. Nowadays it is a chain store whose stores can be found in  23 Belarusian cities

There are 46 chain stores and 5 discount centers across our country. We want to continue our success. We are continuing to evolve drastically; we aspire to provide our customers with modern footwear at reasonable prices.

We always research our customers’ needs and preferences thoroughly. And we succeeded in such approach: Megatop has become the most recognizable brand credible among Belarusians. Megatop was acknowledged to be the best shoe store in 2012. And we are continuing to satisfy desires and needs of our customers.

The trademark reflects the main advantage of the company: you can find any footwear you wish in our stores. This is symbolized by white outlines resembling toes of woman’s, men’s and children’s shoes.

Our advantages:

  • Convenient location. –All our stores are easily accessible.
  • Self-service We trust our customers; they do not have to wait for a shop assistant for too long.
  • Moderate prices. – Every customer can find footwear in accordance with his/her financial status.
  • Wide choice of woman’s, man’s and children’s footwearThe main advantage of our footwear is its modernity and practicality.
  • Online catalogue. – вOur customers may save time by looking through the catalogue and making a choice in advance.
  • • Pleasant atmosphere. It is nice to make purchases in Megatop!

It is a pleasure to do shopping in Megatop!

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