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Lady-Tax is one of the leading Belarusian manufacturers of fashion women’s clothing.

Today "Lady-Tax" is a modern, modernized, developing enterprise working on quality raw materials of European producers. "Lady-Tax" is a regular participant of international exhibitions.

The company aims to expand business links, monitors major fashion trends and aims to make its products interesting to consumers focused on fashion, quality and available clothing. Buyers of the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries under the «DEVUR» and «FEMME» trademarks, purchase «Lady-Tax» products.

The following advantages contribute to this:

1 high quality of product

2 broad size scale products 42-56, some models of trousers are up to 66 size

3 product portfolio with more than 700 models per year, providing a wide assortment of elegant women 's clothing

4 excellent consumer attributes of products, high functionality and comfort; correspondence to fashion trends

5 optimal terms and conditions of cooperation, including flexible discount system and delivery.

The company offers seasonal collections Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter within the framework of the world fashion industry twice a year. Each seasonal collection is offered in four style directions:

1 clothing for the office, assortment for business women

2 casual elegant clothes

3 wearable clothes for rest

4 suits and dresses for a special moments

"Lady-Tax" not only produces,  also successfully sells its collections in its own trading network of shops "DEVUR" and "FEMME," brand departments of state department shops, trading houses in many cities of the Republic of Belarus, as well as in shop of partners on the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.

Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 20:00

Phase B, 3 floor

Phone number: +375447752311 

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