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For 90 years ELIZ has been the leading Belarusian clothing manufacturer, the main specialization of which is the sewing of men’s and children’s garments, women 's blouses, linen products.

ELIZ is the only manufacturer of stylish accessories in Belarus: men 's and children 's ties, butterflies, bow-ties, neckwear. Knitted products ELIZ are the best continuation of Belarusian knitted traditions.

ELIZ Company is engaged in full development the design and processing technology of products. Starting with a sample or sketch of the product, specialists of our experimental workshop create individual templates for sewing men 's and children 's shirts, women 's and girls 'blouses, clothes from linen, accessories. The whole complex of works is performed using Gerber automated design system.

The latest types of technologies are used at the manufacture of shirts and tunics. ELIZ products are produced under the trademarks "Tino Aretty," Leonardo, "Eliz Grand," Person, "Silver Grey." It is widely known both on the local market and abroad. You can purchase our products in 23 brand shops ELIZ overall territory of the Republic of Belarus.


Traditionally qualitative. Unchanged stylish. The best choice for those who appreciate individuality.

A wide range of trendy men 's clothing.

You choose not just a sweater or trousers, but at once a suit that we will make up taking into account all your wishes.

The Stylman team is constantly trained by stylists and follows all modern fashion trends.

Working hours: daily from 10:00 to 20:00

Phase B, 3 floor

Phone number: 95-15-34

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