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About Us

Trading house "Neman" is located in the heart of the historical center of Grodno at the crossroads of popular tourist routes on the Sovietskaya street. It was the city department store earlier, now its is a modern shopping center, which managed to preserve the traditions of classic universal store.

There are such shops as Colins,, Mothercare, "YOURS," Megatop, "Foroom," House of Fur, "Golden Dream," 7 Karat". There are restaurant-bistro "Big Buffet," a children 's entertainment center, a pharmacy, a currency exchange point, an urgent photo, places for sale jewelry, souvenirs, books, leather products, goods for handicrafts and creativity. There are several passenger elevators for the convenience of buyers in the building of the Trading House "Neman".

Not only citizens, also many tourists like to come to the Trading House "Neman." Our pride is the clothing and linen shops of the Belarusian plants collected in one place with excellent quality and democratic prices. These are the brand shops Elema, Conte, "Kalinka," Brest stocking mill, also boutiques Catti-A, Panda, Femme, where you can find women's knitwear and clothing of Belarusian plants, boutiques of men 's clothing Eliz, Style Man and others.

Guests of the city and tourists go to us not only for shopping, also for impressions. On the roof of the trading house "Neman" there is an observation platform in Grodno, located on the roof of the building, on which you can lift on the panoramic elevator. The observation platform and elevator work free of charge. The most beautiful views of the central part of the old city are opened from here. And the summer rooftop cafe has become a posh place.


Trading house "Neman," as it was earlier, remains one of the most beloved and often visited shops of Grodno.

Glad to see you at the Trading house Neman!

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